Dedicated to inspiring through architecture, we take pride in providing our customers with fully customized and innovative design solutions to their dream homes. We continuously pursue high quality, offering original sustainable solutions and striving for complete customer satisfaction in all our projects, be it a home remodel, addition, interior or exterior renovations or ground-up family homes. From Beach homes to Urban Manors, from Ultra-Modern homes to Mediterranean Villa’s, from Ranches to Eastern mansions, from traditional homes to tailored Contemporary architecture, from space creation to ensuring unhindered views, we do it all.
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All our designs are made with strong collaboration with our clients with their input in each facet of the process from the concept to its realization, taking their dreams and turning them into an even better reality. We always strive for the ‘wow’ factor, ensuring a memorable journey towards making one’s dream home realized. We retain long term relationships with all our clients as they become a part of our MDA family.

We are dedicated to custom build homes, always striving to use the latest technology, committed to innovative solutions and discovering unique potentials of every project fitting with the client’s distinctive lifestyle and requirements.

We use 3D technology to provide our clients with design options where they can visualize the space and the various possibilities it can offer. This way, they make an informed decision of the option which most fits in with their requirements and style.

Sustainable & smart home features are also integrated into almost all our homes. Clients don’t want their homes to be just breathtaking, but also good for the environment. With an abundance in sustainable options nowadays, this also provides a significant reduction in utility costs.

We are privileged and humbled to receive many awards for our homes, new and remodels. Our remodels range from expansive to modest, to complete exterior and interior transformations!

We believe great architecture defines its inhabitants and brings with it, a timeless beauty.
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The building of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) in some parts of USA have become exceedingly popular. This is especially due to the favorable State Law in California recently making it easier to add a second house called an ADU to your residential property. It is now permitted to add up to 2 ADU’s on a single-family zoned property, one as a full ADU and one as a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU).A detached ADU shall not exceed more than 1,200 sqft in the total floor area. Whereas an attached ADU shall not exceed 50% of the existing living space of the primary residence, again with a maximum increase of 1,200 sqft in floor area.
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A JADU on the other hand can be a maximum of 500 sqft. A JADU can be created by converting a part of an existing residence, such as a spare bedroom or an attached garage.

Why an ADU?

Whether it is a garage or a basement conversion, a detached or attached ADU, an ADU increases the value of your property. An ADU can be simply used as an extra space for your family or could be converted into an in-law unit or a guest suite, even as a home for your late nester, or a studio space for your art work or a pool house. It can also be utilized as a home office with complete built-in conference facilities. However, If you are looking for return on investment, there are numerous rental possibilities as well.

Why us?

  • We build customized ADU’s fitting to your home and needs
  • We are an experienced team in all types of ADU
  • We offer a quick turnaround and high quality
  • We offer 3D design ideas for easy visualization and decision making
  • There is also an option to choose from our existing designs for a competitive fee

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